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Stephen Coyle



Stephen Coyle studied at Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles and has shown extensively both in California and New England since the early 1980s. His award winning paintings in alkyds are unique in their personal vision of the ordinary. The focus of his paintings are the objects that surround him every day: beds, road ways, kitchen tables, cars, tricylces, ironing boards. His paintings give every day objects a place of importance and an historical significance.

What also makes his paintings unique is the technique he uses and the feeling that he captures. He claims,"I try not to have any specific technique, and I let the subject determine how I'll paint it. I use rollers, large brushes, trowels, nails or sand paper; whatever is needed to capture the essence of the image. To me, a painting is complete when it evokes an emotional response; when something about it is more real, more 'alive' than the actual object."

About his recent Beach series, Stephen has said: "For me, going to the beach is like going to the zoo. The way we observe animals at the zoo is akin to the way we observe one another at the beach. I want these paintings to be a summation of humanity through our poses, clothing and gestures.  The spacing between each figure and each group of figures is important.  The amount of distance we leave between one another echoes the spaces we create in our language both physical and verbal. Along with the space between the figures is the space between the viewer and the painting. The distance between the painting and the viewer is similar to the distance between an animal’s habitat and our observation point. These paintings are an examination of humanity as we walk, crawl, run, crouch, and lie upon the earth."