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Kathryn Frund


Kathryn Frund is a painter who poses questions about the complex relationships between nature and humanity; specifically exploring the themes of stewardship and damage, fluidity and control. She uses the painted surface as a platform or map on which to collage, morph, and recombine materials as various as ledgers, layers of synthetic polymer, and sheets of oxidized lead. Her paintings are a material and spiritual exploration, addressing the notions of transcendence and restitution.

She was a fellow at the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, NH, as well as being awarded residencies at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Amherst, VA, and Woodstock School of Art in Woodstock, NY. She was had numerous solo shows. Her paintings have been included in group exhibitions at the Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown OH, the Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY, The Fuller Museum, Brockton, MA, The University of Maine Museum of Art, Bangor, ME, The Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT, and The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA. Her work is in many private and corporate collections including Pfizer Inc, NYC, Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale, New Haven, CT, and Ritz Residence, Boston, MA.

Kathryn Frund received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and did additional course work at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She works in New Haven, CT.


Pivots and Openings 2014

"My paintings and assemblages address the intimate and complex relationships between nature and humanity. The work explores the themes of stewardship and damage, fluidity and control. The work ranges from collages incorporating intuitively applied paint to assemblages combining wood, lead, nautical maps and linen.

I wanted to infuse in my work the sense of spaces pivoting and changing. Letting go of any reliance on preconceived compositions, I looked at ways to evolve with the work, a process of layering materials and opening space. By opening this pictorial space, I wanted to suggest a sense of vulnerability and change, allowing for movement, playfulness and circulation of pictorial elements.Through this use of layered paint and reconfigured collage material, the work seeks to open pathways in which find restoration and balance. The paintings become a material and spiritual study into the nature of our presence in the landscape."


Interwoven Intimacies 2012

My paintings and assemblages are inquiries into the triangular relationship between nature, science and spirituality, specifically exploring the concepts of interconnectedness and intimacy. The work evolves by applying translucent layers of paint, interwoven with a diverse range of materials. Strips of stained canvas are often combined in the painting, while the incorporation of wood, ephemera or sheets of lead add additional layers of complexity to the panel's surface. Through the layering of paint and the reconfiguration of objects and natural materials, the work seeks to heal, bridge and define itself. The paintings are a spiritual as well as material exploration into the nature of our presence in the landscape.