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Nina Tichava - Artist Statement



My paintings are about relationships; I'm interested in the interactions between materials and methods as well as the color and spatial relationships that naturally develop in process.

Using painting and printmaking techniques, I interweave drawing and collage with a variety of media. Simultaneously painterly and constrained, my paintings are composed of complex layers, many of which are over-painted and concealed. I describe my work as “abstract painting with botanical and architectural references”, as the pieces suggest natural forms (birds, leaves, branches), man-made structures (buildings, windows, lights) and patterning both natural and designed (woven fabrics, strata of earth, pixels).

My works are emotional and imperfect, and as objects they embody my response to things mass-produced and idealized-perfection is unattainable. The paintings are collections of moments from daily life: combined glimpses, thoughts, memories and objects. By design I am inaccurately trying to describe not only what things might look like, but also how they feel, which is where the beauty in it lies for me.

Nina Tichava was raised in both rural northern New Mexico and the Bay Area in California. She was influenced by her father, a construction worker and mathematician and by her mother, who is an artist and designer. The reflections of these dualities-country to city, pragmatist to artist, nature to technology-are essential to and evident in her paintings.

Nina Tichava exhibits nationally and is a full time, professional artist. She is the recipient the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant and has garnered space on the walls of the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, NM. Nina received her BFA from California College of the Arts [+ Crafts]. She lives and works in Seattle, WA.