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Bernd Haussmann



2016, The Last Painting: Looking Back / Looking Forward

The timing of this exhibit coincides with the closing and relocation of my Marblehead studio where I have been working for over 20 years. A brief survey of works, most of which have not been shown before.

Looking back at a collection of memories and experiences, both personal and common, manifested in the work I created in that space.

Red, Green, Yellow and Blue #1064 is the last painting painted at that location. The fact that it might be unfinished is a beautiful symbol that not only connects me with the past but offers the possibility of new beginnings and adds a continuum, an aspect of hope, and the possibility of growth. Its pyhysical presence is a documnet of my personal history and proof of my existance.

The works are the visualization of my curiosities and convictions. The remains of my ongoing passion for learning, a critical attempt of thinking beyond the obvious, and feeling my way beyond the visible.


My paintings are built up layer by layer of varied hues and imagery and then often scratched to reveal a strata of information and experience suggestive of the accumulation of life.

My painting is not the visualization of a single string of thoughts releasing a single meaning but a multidimensional space in which a variety of thoughts and ideas coexist.

A painting is only a painting until it becomes alive in the viewer’s mind.

Painting is not about what you see, it is about what you don’t see.